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Services & Offerings


Tailored to help you reach your business objectives, the services provided by the Imaginative Exposure team are the result of the vast experience across all facets of film making and brand marketing. 

Brand Marketers

The most critical aspect of being a brand marketer is to reach the target audience, motivate them and activate them into a relationship. The Imaginative Exposure team’s deep client and agency side experience ensures that we are able to help brand marketers reach their audiences and gain return on investment from powerfully built marketing campaigns.


  • Identifying Brand Integration Opportunities

  • Activating Film Product Placement

  • Marketing Campaign Development and Deployment

  • Branded Entertainment


The Imaginative Exposure team’s experience in film production allows us to understand the needs of the film industry intricately. As a result, Imaginative Exposure has a suite of services that meet the needs of filmmakers in various stages of their production development and execution.


  • Script Placement Analysis for Brand Integration

  • Film “Brand” Analysis

  • Product Sourcing & Negotiation

No matter how evolved your film project, we are able to look at where we can bring value to making the project a reality. 

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