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Imaginative Exposure


Imaginative Exposure brings a fresh face and set of experiences to brand integration in film. We are an agency that shifts paradigms in order to make brand integration more enriching for all: brand marketers, filmmakers and most importantly, audiences.

Our Philosophy

The future is defined by change. You either follow that change or you define it. Defining it requires an understanding that innovation can come from any direction, so you need to be prepared to look where it might not be natural at first.


Engagement is not driven by what a brand marketer wants, but rather by how their audiences prefer to interact. Audiences move faster and faster. Grabbing their attention is important, engaging with them is critical and building relationships essential. When the audience defines how they want to engage, you need to be ready to respond.

About Imaginative Exposure

Not your average brand integration agency. In fact there is nothing average about Imaginative Exposure.


Imaginative Exposure is a new agency that was created to bring a revised energy and vision to product placement in film. Imaginative Exposure has a strong team that brings a dynamic mix of film production experience and deep client and agency marketing expertise. This unique mix of skills generates a ‘Medici Effect’ of creative innovation.


Not being bound by ‘way things have always been done’ the aim of Imaginative Exposure is to constantly reinvent and bring new ideas for brand marketers and filmmakers; finding new ways for both to build relationships with their audiences, in the way their audiences want to connect… and connect now. Because afterall immediacy is what audiences seek today.

Investing in the Future

The team at Imaginative Exposure strongly believe in a better future. We make a committment to contribute and reinvest in that future in two ways:


  • 10% of company profits will be provided to selected charities.

  • 10% of company profits will be reinvested back into film to help film producers bring powerful and engaging stories to audiences.


Through these two promises, Imaginative Exposure is committed to building a brighter world and a better future for all.

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